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Shaping unconventional experiences to create games for humans, by humans, of humans?

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Fellow Humans is a Vermont-based independent game studio creating games for humans, by humans, of humans? We are looking to create compelling, unconventional experiences that people of all ages can enjoy playing together. We are currently working on our first title: Simple Sandwich! A couch-competitive party game where you play as a slice of bread!

Our team consists of a talented group of individuals with different skills and backgrounds, coming from all walks of life. We are constantly growing and expanding our team!

  • Producers / 1
  • Designers / 2
  • Programmers / 2
  • Artists / 3
Our growing projects

Simple Sandwich

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Item 1

Simple Sandwich Main Branding

Check out the Simple Sandwich banner art

Gallery 1

Gallery of Gameplay Gameplay Screenshots

View some alpha screenshots of the game!

Item 3

Alpha Trailer Pax East 2019

The Alpha trailer shown off at PAX East 2019 along with a 2-4 player demo!

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