Cash Force

Defend your score in this wacky 70s styled VR crime FPS!

Plan Your Heist

About Cash Force

With Complex Interactions

Two handed manipulation of each weapon provides players with a middle ground between complex interactions of VR simulation games, and the simple grab-and-go of arcade shooters.

Each weapon in Cash Force can be loaded, cocked, and grabbed with either hand.


About Cash Force

A Unique Artstyle

The artstyle for Cash Force is steeped in the flashy design sense of the 70s, from graphics, fashion, interior design and everything in-between. If it embodies the word groovy, it's welcome here.

Retro color palettes plucked straight out of the 70s are merged with gameplay by associating unique color profiles with different aspects of the game, helping the player easily tell what each element's role is in the heat of the fire fight.


About Cash Force

Choose Your Weapons

We plan on expanding our weapon lineup to include weapons that range from revolvers to rocket launchers. Every weapon will have multiple interaction points, and possible charms and upgrades.

Purchasing these weapons in the safehouse hubworld gives players the option to choose thier own style of play.


About Cash Force

Plan Your Get away

Plan your getaway route back to your safehouse through a procedurally generated city, where risk rewards. More dangerous routes will lead you home faster, while easier routes will take longer. Use your gained loot to fuel your next missions with upgrades and weapons.

Stages Of Play


Plan your heist

Procedural Generation

Choose your path through a procedurally generated city, which rewards players for choosing riskier paths.


Defend your loot

In-depth Weapon Interactions

Purchase your gear and defend your loot from rival crime kkgangs in a high speed pursuit.


Upgrade your gear

Purchase Upgrades & Weapons

Use your ill-gotten-gains to fund new missions, updgrade your getaway vehicle, and purchase new exciting weapons and tools.

Target & Platform

The game is intended for release on pc-based headsets like the Rift/RiftS. We would like to release on standalone platforms such as the Oculus Quest in the future. For now, as the interaction system does not currently work with Vive, we are focusing our efforts on the Oculus ecosystem.


Designer Blog

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Production Blog

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