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Dinner time is coming up faster than we expected and all leftover food will be thrown away! Only the fanciest and most dashing sandwich will survive the dinner onslaught. Compete to make the best / most sandwiches before dinner time! Players take control of a slice of bread who is running loose on a kitchen table. Their goal is to jump on ingredients that are crawling around the map in order to add them to their sandwich. When a player has made a nice sandwich, either adding ingredients to make a specific recipe or just to make a towering sandwich, they can add a piece of bread to cap of their sandwich and bring it to the plate for points! Players should balance making sandwiches as fast as possible with creating recipes for bonus points! The person with the most points by the end of 60 seconds wins!


Simple Sandwich started as “The Best Thing Since…”, a student project created by a team of 5 people within a 4 month timespan. After going through a series of unsuccessful prototypes, and a lot of frustration and confusion, we aimed to create a game experience that was straightforward and simple, but fun and different. During our usual lunch meetings, the idea of a game about sandwiches was originally presented as a joke due to a poorly prepared sandwich, but over the course of the meeting we realized our silly idea might actually work. We spent two weeks prototyping and perfecting our game idea, and pitched it in a formal presentation event to our professors and classmates. We received an overwhelming amount of praise for our whimsical artstyle and exciting gameplay, and was chosen as one of two games selected to continue development for the remainder of the semester. Our game has continued to charm and delight players at multiple high profile events such as PAX East 2019, the Rochester Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Gamesfest and the Champlain Gamesfest, where we have received awards, business inquiries and encouragement from our peers!


  • Four Player Action, where you and up to three friends can compete to become the best sandwich ever!
  • Easy to learn yet hard to master, simple controls make Simple Sandwich a game that all can enjoy, but only the most dedicated of delicatessen can master!
  • Over 50 real, actual sandwich recipes you can make both in-game and at home! (Note: Some recipes may have monstrous consequences, do not attempt unsupervised.)
  • Dynamic audio system that plays different segments at different times. You’ll never hear the same song twice!
  • Easy to Learn mechanics and controls!


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Awards & Recognition

  • Second Place in Best Digital Game

    - Simple Sandwich, April 13, 2019, - Champlain Games Festival

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About Fellow Humans


Fellow Humans is a Vermont-based independent game studio, we are looking to create compelling, unconventional experiences that people of all ages can enjoy playing together.

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Austin Roorda

Emmett Friedrichs
Lead Designer

Karl Lewis
Designer, Audio Designer

Josh Grazda
Lead Programmer

Cameron Belcher
AI Programmer

Riley Morrissey
Lead Artist

Adam Streeter
Prop Artist